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We’ve received lots of requests that we might provide a way for you to email an article to your friends and your email network. We’re happy to say that we now have the capability. It’s done through Google Reader. In order for you to do that you simply have to look on the right side of the page (as you face the computer for RSS Feeds.) It says SUBSCRIBE above it. If you want to read comments click comments, but if you want the complete visual immediately; click entries. This action will take you to a page that will entitle you to sign up for email subscriptions. In the pictorial display you’ll see a small box and it will take you to the Video if there is one. If there is not; you won’t see a small box. If by chance you select comments then they will take you directly to the site simply by your pointing your mouse on the title and clicking. This new technology is cool beans!

At the bottom of the article that you’ll find in Google Reader are many options but email and share are great features!