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Can you pass the faith test?

Well, I guess so you’re thinking; I never really thought about it! Exactly what do you mean? Is this a trick question?

Yes and No.


Most people can pass the “Hope” test.

That is we all know how to hope for something.

However, most of us have trouble with waiting for what we can’t see.

Think about these common expressions that are cute but anti-faith statements if you are speaking about something you are believing God for.


1. I’m from Missouri; you have to show me.
2. I have no delayed gratification (Or in other words: I can’t wait!)

#1 is like saying; I don’t believe in what I can’t see. What do you think about that?

#2 is like saying, it is impossible for me to trust anyone other than myself; so I’ll make it happen now.

So the test for us all is WILL WE BELIEVE GOD that because He says we have what we ask for if we believe, can we act like we have it!

The world says we don’t have it until we see it.

God says we have it at the exact time that we ask for it IF we believe it.

Do you believe God or the world?