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Jesus is a friend of mine, the best I ever had,

I found him again, right at a time of life when things were really bad,

I had known him as a little child; but I had let him go,

He always stayed by my side, but he had never let me know,

Years ago he began, to whisper right inside my ear,

the plan that God had for my life; it was all so very clear,

On the other hand there was Satan, he also had a plan

If he could only tempt me; things would be real grand,

He knew some family history so he tried to give me drugs;

But Jesus stood strongly by my side; so to that option; I was smug,

Then he tried to give me alcohol and drive me out my mind,

But Jesus taught me right from wrong and I was loosened from that bind,

Then he sent some friends luring me to gambling; they said it could make me rich,

Then Jesus came and showed me that it could only put me in a fix,

So Satan decided; I’d better kill her with a tumor on the brain,

But Jesus came and healed me; and Satan lost again…

Then Satan got ticked off; and struck and struck some more,

I started to think about it and then I got really sore,

I decided to get close to Jesus and execute those plans for me,

After all my sins were saved… when he got up on that tree,

I said: Lord, Lord ..where oh where were you?

He said: “my loving child, I never left your side, I always thought you knew!


For Your hand is not so short that it cannot save, and neither is Your ear so dull that it cannot hear, for whoever calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved. Isaiah 59:1

I was saved and didn’t know God. I had been raised in “religious tradition.” I was in a church and there was no one to help me and it wasn’t their fault. It was a discovery that I was going to have to make myself, but years went by because I didn’t know it. However, good things happened to me while I was there and I’m sure that it was the mercy of God.

I had been raised in the church and so I knew a few things. But, I didn’t know the Word of God and the bible is that. I never read my bible. I had gotten a few urges to do so over the years but every time I came up with an excuse. True enough as a result, the victory was that much sweeter when it came. I didn’t know “nothing.” As a result, the devil decided to mess with me.

In true to form attempted murder mode; the devil tried to kill me with a brain tumor. I was still at the above mentioned church and that was when I knew that in that place I had learned something; I learned about faith. All of my steps were ordered by the Lord during that challenge. I got the victory!

I changed. I needed God to guide my life, I trusted no one else to do the job. I ran to Him. I rededicated my life to HIm and then I found a new place where I could grow and soon I found out that God not only heard me but He had been trying to tell me some stuff.


The average person is desensitized to believing that people can actually “hear” from God. I’ll tell you why:

Basically because we all knew someone whom we deemed to be “strange” by normal standards who claimed they heard from God and seemed to be able to “twist” the bible because they knew it better than us. We knew something was wrong so we “decided” they didn’t and no one could. They were the only ones saying it so they had to be crazy right?


So people were…desensitized and have been. Some were compromised; they believe but they want to stand back until a crisis comes, that way they can still do the things that the flesh desires and not what God desires.

What if your crisis comes and the one that comes has the potential to take you or your family members out? If you were to leave this earth in the next 30 minutes m(God forbid) are you really sure about whether you’d go to heaven or hell?

If you are sure; make a decision to make Jesus The Lord and Master of your life HERE.

Take care of it today; you’ll be glad that you did!lanieavagarden.jpg

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I had stopped to run in the Dollar Store three weeks ago to get some cleaning supplies with my sister in law. Just as we got ready to get in the car; I was approached by a young Jehovah’s Witness. I knew that he was only because he had the Watchtower or Awake newsletter with him. I cannot specifically say because I never took it from him.


He walked up and said: “Good Morning! Would you like a book as he pushed it towards my hand.

“Bless you today! How are you? ” I said.

Well no thanks…I replied…I’m a born again believer!”

That didn’t deter him; he still tried to give me the book.

I asked him: “Do you believe in Jesus?”

“Yes Mam.” He nodded his head profoundly.

“Do you believe in the Holy Spirit.” I said expecting him to say No.

“Yes Mam.”

“You do?”

“Yes Mam”

“Okay, let’s pray…” I said

“Oh No…he got loud…I don’t want you to pray for me.” He started backing up.

I grabbed him and I said: “I don’t want to pray for you, I want to pray with you!”

As he thought it over trying most urgently..

I said. “Jesus said Love your neighbor as yourself didn’t he?”

“Yes Mam”

“Jesus said men ought always to pray didn’t he.”

“Yes Mam he did”

“Well let’s pray. That’s what Jesus would have us to do to touch and agree.”

He made a decision. It was as though he’d been trained to make an exit in whatever he deemed to be an uncomfortable time. He starting backing away. “I don’t want to pray.” He kept shaking his head no …but he looked like that didn’t even make sense to him.

Now…that was amazing to me because even people who don’t go to church like to pray. I can stop a stranger on the street and I’ve never been turned down. Why was this young man so afraid to pray?

You can ‘t be saved without Jesus. He said: “My sheep hear my voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.”

Are you following Jesus or the voice of a stranger? It’s something to think about.

“How can you walk away from prayer…time with the Father? I raised my voice.

His face said it all: he hadn’t been prepared for that.



I was out witnessing and I was led to give a card about Jesus to a woman who appeared to be in her forties.

I gave her the card. She took it.

Not long after that she found me…she began to scream and yell: “I hate you Christians! Always trying to force your beliefs on someone. That’s just why I’m an atheist!”

I said nothing. I prayed for her many many days after that. I believe that I was at the front end of an assignment. My job was to plant the seed. Someone else would come along and water it. For whatever reason; God had His eye on this woman that she would not see Hell.

For the record: Atheists don’t have a plan of Salvation; they don’t think it’s necessary.