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Jesus is a friend of mine, the best I ever had,

I found him again, right at a time of life when things were really bad,

I had known him as a little child; but I had let him go,

He always stayed by my side, but he had never let me know,

Years ago he began, to whisper right inside my ear,

the plan that God had for my life; it was all so very clear,

On the other hand there was Satan, he also had a plan

If he could only tempt me; things would be real grand,

He knew some family history so he tried to give me drugs;

But Jesus stood strongly by my side; so to that option; I was smug,

Then he tried to give me alcohol and drive me out my mind,

But Jesus taught me right from wrong and I was loosened from that bind,

Then he sent some friends luring me to gambling; they said it could make me rich,

Then Jesus came and showed me that it could only put me in a fix,

So Satan decided; I’d better kill her with a tumor on the brain,

But Jesus came and healed me; and Satan lost again…

Then Satan got ticked off; and struck and struck some more,

I started to think about it and then I got really sore,

I decided to get close to Jesus and execute those plans for me,

After all my sins were saved… when he got up on that tree,

I said: Lord, Lord ..where oh where were you?

He said: “my loving child, I never left your side, I always thought you knew!