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Hello Friend! God Bless you today! You and your family, your friends and their families too. I have been thinking about you for some time. I thank God for you and the example that you give to us all. It is amazing you know, that each person has a special God given characteristic that can bring peace, light, wisdom and joy to someone else. That is how I see you. I’ve been thinking of you and just want to run some things by you. Please join me in prayer when you have a quiet moment, in our effort to continuously send petitions of prayer for those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Just your one prayer can put a thousand angels to flight. Bless God!

Several years ago, I came off of the freeway driving pretty fast. I had just bought a new car, but I wasn’t excited about that. I was anxious to get home. In my mind I became convinced that I had to see my family before something happened to them. My mind was shooting thoughts: “What if you never see John anymore?” “What is the last thing that you said to him?” “Did you tell him that you loved him?” “Did you tell the children that you loved them?” The questions were coming in rapid succession. I starting driving faster and faster even though I was only four blocks from my house. Smile. Did I have any reason to be anxious? Had I gotten an emergency call summoning me home? The answer to both questions is NO.

By the way, I arrived home and nothing was wrong. As soon as I saw my family I realized that my thoughts were off base. There was no reason for me to panic like that. It was a symptom that something was lacking, that something was needed; but I hadn’t a clue what to do.

Sometimes our bodies send out physical indicators. Sometimes we have financial smoke signals in our lives. Sometimes we have emotional or mental symptoms that bother us. Did you know that we get spiritual symptoms that are sometimes good and sometimes bad?

My feelings on that day were out of control, I experienced fear, worry and anxiety. I had no peace, no true happiness; in fact I didn’t really know what it was (happiness). Looking back I had an earth” happiness. Joy? What was that? It wasn’t even in my vocabulary because that was just a “seasonal” word. I didn’t have low self-esteem; I just had less. My panic in the car was just another outward expression of my hopelessness at that time. During that time, I basically never slept; my mind just raced every night with “what ifs.” It’s a miracle that I didn’t have horrible bags under my eyes and that I was so agreeable most of the time. I knew deep inside that there was a better way for me. I decided to follow that instinct. My search took me on a journey that I will never forget.
Last night, I stayed up so that I could explain it to you. I got “chose.” I know it’s not proper English; but that’s what happened! That’s what we used to say when I was growing up. Smile.

Imagine that you’ve fallen in love. You’ve met someone wonderful; they are the best thing that has ever happened to you. They want the best for you, they love how you look, they applaud your desires, they encourage you and fully support you, they know your past and it doesn’t bother them; they just forget it…permanently never to be brought up again. When you look at them you see nothing but beauty; nothing but LOVE . Wow! For the first time in your life you have met someone with no earthly shortcomings…in other words if you told your friends about this relationship; they’d say: “That’s too good to be true.” That love that you experience has put a fire in you, a passion for the things that are right. You now have a bold confidence that you always saw in others/wanted. You’ve become transformed. You are not your old self. People who knew you before can’t believe the change in you. You’re full of love and have a heart of compassion for others. In fact, you no longer accept strife, you avoid anger, you’ve matured and you no longer judge others; just yourself. All of this has happened because of this wonderful bond that you now have. That’s how it is with God and that’s only the beginning, He’ll be with you forever only loving you more. You can’t even believe it’s real; but you know it is…that’s how you start using the word: “JOY.” In an imperfect world; you have been singled out to have a perfect relationship with Him!

My journey led me to the only solution for me. I gave my life to Christ…fully. I needed some invincibility and I got it. When we are born again, we have eternal invincibility and the devil would love to see us lose it- he brings trials, conflicts and confusion of the financial, the physical, of the mind or in whatever area; hoping that we will give up our invincibility; because otherwise he can’t defeat us…and we know he’s a defeated foe! ETERNAL INVINCIBILITY…WOW! So stand! Invincible= unbeatable, unshakeable, unconquerable!

My message to you is a reminder that: You’ve been chosen!
*You’ve been chosen to take authority over your problems and challenges. You’ve been given the keys to the kingdom, instructions on how to overcome any problem.
*Again, you’ve been chosen to do some special things that only YOU can do at a special time, and you HAVE TO do them. Don’t MISS your window.
*You’ve been chosen to speak to some people in certain situations and you HAVE TO speak to them.
*You’ve been chosen to spread the good news of God and you HAVE TO do it.
*You’ve been chosen to love your neighbor as yourself and you HAVE TO do it.
*You’ve been chosen to pray for others and you HAVE To pray for them.
*You’ve been chosen to set the Godly example and you HAVE TO set it.
*You’ve been chosen to stand and fight for the kingdom of God and you HAVE TO stand and fight.
*You’ve been chosen for many things… but especially for such a time as this, but you HAVE TO take action! I’m so glad! Love Sister Elaine Davenport

ADDENDUM……… I say this with the greatest humility for to God be the Glory……..
As many of you know this letter began many months ago when I found out that three young friends had been diagnosed with cancer. My heart was touched. Vivid memories of the terrible brain tumor that tried to take me down (and failed) came rushing back. I knew that they needed encouragement so I began to write them to tell them how they could look to God for their healings. Faith strengthened and healing came profoundly and the letter continued. Eventually it began to reach more and more people into the higher hundreds.

This letter is also Online. It goes all over the world now to Japan, to Germany, to Iraq, to Puerto Rico and I understand even to Sweden; as well as the United States. God is Awesome! I was as shocked as you are when I found out that the letter was traveling; but I shouldn’t have been!

Last month, when the Victory letter was sent out ONLINE (the same one that you received)… an email came back immediately from Atlanta, Georgia. It was from a wonderful longtime friend Cynthia M.  who was frustrated! (My friend Cynthia formed a foundation to feed children in Africa.) Bless God that she recently formed a partnership with Bruce Wilkinson who wrote The Prayer of Jabez; to plant well over one hundred thousand gardens in Africa! )

Well Cynthia told me that the letter arrived just in time and that she wanted me to agree in prayer with her; as she was stuck in Georgia trying to get to Soweto in Africa. That there was a labor strike and not only was her plane delayed; but she needed to get to Australia for an ordination for an Apostle as well. You know what she said in her email that just really stuck in my heart? She said: “Elaine, I just need you to agree with me in prayer” and then she went on with the problem.

It was Divine that I was on the computer at the exact time that the email came in!


We went off on the devil period point blank and in our email and we demanded that he cease and desist! We called the strike OVER! We called for FAVOR and favor we got! I agreed with Cynthia in Prayer and she with I. We celebrated her Victory and gave thanks! Beforehand…….The next email that I got from her I did not see until the next morning; she said the strike was over and she was on her way to Africa and then Australia. HALLELUJAH! I yelled out something like: GOD IS! We just have to stand in faith! WE CAN do this!

Well, I don’t know what country or state you are from or what time of the day it is where you are but God has a message for you if you found yourself here.

Ten years ago, I could pick up 3 40 pound bags of dirt on my own without help at one time.  In fact, I didn’t think twice about going to my local Home Improvement Center and buying 20 bags of dirt!    Well, earlier this season, I had trouble lifting one bag of dirt. I went to my local Home Improvement Center to buy dirt because I needed 8 bags and they were so heavy; I just stood there and looked at them.  (lol)  Two customers just asked me how many bags I wanted and got them for me.  I had trouble pushing them in my wheelbarrow and I;m no weakling.


God’s been watching you trying to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and He wants to carry them for you.  It’s time for you to give your heart to HIm and to give Him all of your cares.  Listen to this:

Ephesians 6:10 (King James Version)

10Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

God’s got power and He’s got might.    He is much stronger than you.