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Dear Heavenly Father, I come into Your presence to speak to You today in the Name of Jesus and by his blood. Father I hold you in the highest regard and love You with all of my heart, all of my mind and all of my soul! I find myself in Your awesome presence today to seek wisdom in the circumstances that challenge me today. I am also seeking wisdom to help other people in the way that You need me to do it. I declare and decree that I will depart from evil and do good, that I will walk with wise men; thereby I will be wise; also I want to say that I stand ready for instruction, for I am just and therefore teachable and able to increase in learning.

I thank you Father that I am able to hear You because I watch daily at Your gates and wait at the posts of Your door, knowing that I will not only find life but favor. I do not despise Your chastening and I do not grow weary of Your correction because I know that whom You love; You correct just like a Father corrects a son (or daughter) whom he loves. I thank You that because my ear can hear reproof that I can abide among the wise. I thank You Father that wisdom assures my promotion which doesn’t come from the East or West or the North or the South; but it comes from You LORD. I thank You Father that I am able to recognize the JOY that I have in You. I delight myself greatly in Your commandments and I am Blessed because I have total reverence for you. I thank you that Godly wisdom guarantees that even my enemies cannot overcome me. I thank you Father that Your statutes and judgments in the Word of God give me wisdom.

I thank you Father that I will continue to hear and hear the Word of God knowing faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. I thank you Father for the desires that You have placed in my heart. I thank You for Your patience with me as I seek to gain wisdom in the things that You have promised me. I thank You Father for Your patience with me as I realize that I cannot do things my way; but that I CAN do things Your way with perfect results. I thank You Father that I will remain focused and fixed on my calling. I thank You Father that I have good and perfect habits and that those habits allow me to fulfill my destiny.

I thank You Father that I will remember everyday that if the fruit of desire is pursuit; that I will always be in pursuit; never moving farther away from what I am called to do by procrastinating.

I thank You Father that I’m all out of excuses. I thank You Father that I have the wisdom to move past excuses and win every battle on the home turf of my mind or wherever it may be! I thank you Father that everyday I go out and train for battle and that I gain and grow in wisdom. I purpose in my heart to seek You for guidance in all that I do! Father, I believe You and I know that I CANNOT FAIL! AMEN