If you were to ask someone if they were righteous, most people without any effort would say: “No.” People usually equate righteousness with the goody goody way that you act. But righteousness has nothing to do with the way that you act. Holiness is conduct; and righteousness is what you become when you receive Jesus as Lord. In fact, righteousness is the reason Jesus came to earth because when Adam ate of the tree God commanded him not to eat of mankind immediately experienced a downward spiritual spiral. His nature changed from one that is righteous or in right standing with God to that of a sinner. Also, if we were to label what Adam’s nature had become in uncommon terms, we could say that Adam was actually born again from that of a righteousness “er” to that of a sinn “er.” So now, rather than having an inward spiritual tendency to do good, he had now inherited an inward nature to do evil. His nature had changed from one that was born of God to that of his illegitimate spiritual stepfather, Satan.


It is as we begin to meditate, consider and call ourselves righteous, that we develop a righteousness consciousness. When we do this, we actually begin to produce better conduct or what the bible calls the fruit of holiness.

The next thing you may ask is, “What about my sin…that terrible unspoken habit I have? Well the remedy to getting rid of sin is merely a confession away. As we exercise our right in this area, maintaining our fellowship with the Father, we do actually see ourselves grow in righteousness and productive fruit thereof. It is as we grow in the Word of God and walk in the spirit that we will no longer fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

Righteousness is a gift of God which no man can earn.


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