Your salvation is critical to God.  Stop listening to satan tell you that you don’t need God.  What has satan to offer you other than two tours of duty in hell.  One in this life and one in the hereafter!  It’s time for you to block out those voicemails he’s been leaving you!  Jesaus called him the author of lies!  That’s a fact…I know.

It’s amazing. The devil is always trying to deliver voice mail, strife, confusion or affliction. Not just to me but to everybody all around me. What should we do?

Our bodies are our houses? Isn’t that right. If you’ve made Jesus your Lord and Savior then the greater one lives on the inside of you. Don’t forget it for a second. Our bodies are the temple (the dwelling place) of the Lord. The bible says so. So when Satan with his mess, our house is already occupied by the Light. Darkness can’t dwell where light is. Remember that. The greater one lives on the inside of us.

Have you heard of process servers? Well, if one shows up at your door to serve a summons and it doesn’t have your name on it; what would yo say? You’d say: “That’s not me. You have the wrong house.” Then shut your door. You can say the same thing to Satan the next time he tries to deliver something to you.

You live in the Kingdom of God. It’s a place where you are covered by the Blood of the Lamb. No weapon can harm you. If God didn’t say it: “It’s a lie” You are of the circumcision; an elite group. Take nothing from the uncircumsized in the form of what you see. You believer walk by faith. That’s a fact.

“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.”—II Cor. 10:4.


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