There are a whole lot of people that all of a sudden believe in Jesus.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses do.  But, they don’t say He is the Son of God.  The Muslims believe that He is a prophet.  Christians believe that He is the Son of God.    But, how much do you love Him?  Is He the Master, the Saviour, the Lord over your life?  If, he isn’t…. then all you have is an expired insurance policy worth nothing at all.  This is a fact.    Don’t be trapped in hell! IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!!!  If anyone told you otherwise…Hear me:  IT’S A LIE!!!


There are a lot of people who believe that when they die nothing happens.    They don’t believe in heaven or hell.  Then there  who believe some other stuff that I won’t touch with a ten foot pole.  It wasn’t until today, that I began to research to find out just exactly what people believe about death and an afterlife that I was so shocked!

I just want to pray:

Father in heaven ,  we have today this confidence in You that You hear our petition of faith asking You to reveal to all the people of the earth Your truth.    We say that no matter who they are; they have the ability to hear it.  Please release them from pride and rebellion and give them the knowledge to break curses that are over them or that they are walking in-in the authority of Jesus.  Help them to know that Jesus may have prophesized; but that he is not a prophet…but the Son of God!    We are asking You to do  Spiritual heart surgery on every person that reads this prayer today.    If they be Christian, Muslim, Buddhists or Atheist…draw them closer or open their eyes as You deem necessary in the Authority of Jesus The Messiah.

Teach them today as You hold their hand saying fear not I will help you; to recognize the truth and liberate them.  Teach them not to be offended at the truth of the Gospel; the good news.    We put out any fire the eneny Satan would use to make them to focus on other groups or other people to keep them distracted from the truth.  We set free any confused thinking that is holding anyone in bonds.  We break them away from any brainwashing bondage.

Father help people to understand that if no Blood was shed, there can be NO REMISSION OF SINS for their atonement no matter what they say!

We pray for 20-20 spiritual vision from all who are oppressed of the devil even if they don’t want to be.  We plead the Blood of Jesus over everyone reading this and we insist and expect that they will have peace in their lives from this day forth!  We ask it all in the Authority of Jesus and by his precious Blood.  AMEN.

  1. annette says:

    before you start to print something, you might want to get your facts right. About Jehovah’s Witnesses not saying that Jesus is the son of God, well they do. They believe he is the firstborn son of God, not God and you can only receive God’s mercy through Jesus.

    • peacefulone says:

      Dearest Annette! Thanks for writing. We’ve a lot to say about Jehovah’s Witnesses…based on what they say when they knock our door and talk to us, or stop us in the streets; to talk to us.

      For years and years, the Jehovah’s Witnesses said: “We don’t believe in Jesus!” As a young girl, they rang our door in particular on Christmas day every year. They said they do not celebrate Jesus birthday. They said they did not care. This my friend is a FACT.

      Well now, it seems somebody in your ranks got a revelation and now they say he is the Son of God which we ALL already knew. I’m glad that you told me this “not God” business because now I know that we REALLY have to pray for you guys to get more revelation. God will give it to you.

      We do not dislike Jehovah’s Witnesses; in fact, we pray for you all. Many Witnesses have told me that your group considers themselves to be “like” Christians. No one needs to persecute Jehovah’s Witnesses but the TRUTH will NOT be glossed over.

      I am happy though that you guys are on the road…we ALL are. Blessings and Love

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