Let There Be Less of Me Lord…More of You…(Worship on mp3) Ignited Praise Team Sunday, October 11, 2009

Posted: October 10, 2009 in The Kingdom of God...
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I was Blessed to hear the singing at Ignited International Ministries.  The music and the voices are heavenly.  The songs are dynamic  and challenging; the penetrate your very soul.  They are on mp3 here and click on all to hear the complete song. I apologize because I do not know the names of the leader or any of the choir.  They have beautiful voices.

It is very rare that I venture into other churches.    However, the body of Christ is sorely deprived for Worship music outside of the confines of their own churches.  But in terms of available media; one can find lots of Praise Music, but Worship Music is a commodity.  THat is why I treasure this music and pray that you will enjoy it as much.

The Church site is here:  http://www.ignitedinternational.org/

PLEASE CLICK ON ALL:   (together or separately)





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