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  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Eric Thompson

    God Pleaser or People Pleaser? That is the question.

    Richmond, VA — Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could wake up everyday for the rest of your life and know that the Creator of the universe is pleased with you? What if each time your name is mentioned in heaven, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, smiled? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you have tapped into the heartstrings of God, and supernaturally been transformed from a people pleaser to a God Pleaser?

    According to author Eric Thompson, in his newly released book God Pleaser, these are as attainable as the air we so freely breathe. To please God is what all Christians should strive for. Eric outlines in his book a true Kingdom perspective and what pleases and displeases God while applying practical biblical principles to determine your purpose. God Pleaser: Paperback, (978-0-9801564-6-1)

    What people are saying about “God Pleaser”

    I KNOW this book is an “on time” word from the Lord. Just recently I entered a season of wanting so badly to please God. I professed that I do not w ant to be big in man, but BIG in GOD. Your book has served as a strong reminder to me of what pleases God and what does not. Working on God Pleaser has also helped me make this “shift” into KNOWING what my purpose is in God. It only takes an instant for life or lives to change. However, if we are God pleasers, when that change comes we are not affected or moved because we KNOW that He is pleased with us and with that “even our enemies will be at peace with us – Nina Wells (Kingdom Publishing).

    Eric Thompson is an Evangelist, Missionary, Entrepreneur, Husband, Father, and founder of A Heart 4 JC Ministries. Eric’s undying passion to advance the Kingdom of God has allowed him to spread the gospel not only nationally but internationally, traveling to Kenya and Uganda on short-term missionary assignments.

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