1. Jim Pedigo says:

    How I Voted
    By Jim Pedigo

    I died today and stand before Heaven’s Gate.
    GOD asked, “For who did you vote in 2008?”

    Well, I confessed, “I was fearful about the economy and maybe the war.”

    “Did you vote for the protection of my precious babies in the womb?”
    “No, I feared I would not have food to eat and go to the tomb.”

    “Did you vote for One Man and One Woman, and the Sanctity of Marriage?”
    “No, I feared I needed to vote to prevent repossession of my carriage.”

    “So, you say “you are not your brother’s keeper, “, because you feared the economy?”
    “Yes,” I said. “I voted for me.”

  2. peacefulone says:

    Hi Jim! That’s good. God is Love. Love never fails. Don’t you agree?

    Just remember that no matter who wins…your test will be a “love” test. Loving the candidate; even if it isn’t the one you chose. Blessings and Love

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