For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. James 4:14

We are all so polite. Me too, I’m guilty. Smile… As a courtesy, no one ever distinguishes a funeral from a Homegoing in our community. (That’s another whole series; but not now.) This goes on all over. Let me tell you about a powerful dream that I had. This is true.

I dreamed that Jesus had come back late one night and that all of the people who accepted him as their Lord and Savior had to walk down the main road of our metro area (about 20 miles or so long) towards the downtown area to meet Jesus. A lot of people got caught off guard. Now, at the point of the dream that I started fortunately I was only a few blocks away. I was walking not with a lot of people but people were all along the road and I had on my pajamas. Most people were carrying pillows and blankets. There was n o anxiety, there was peace. At the end of the road where we were all headed there was a huge light and it seemed to be drawing us all there. There was no conversation, no church signs, no divisions, no ethnic separations.

As we passed the side streets many were turning off in other directions. Every single side street was pitch black. I saw some people that I knew turn down one of those streets. I was very sad but by then there was nothing that I could do. It was too late.

I woke up.

Since that time, I have prayed for the people who were forced to turn down a dark side street. My prayers have remained consistent for their salvation.

As a bold saint, I ask you to examine yourself and decide if you will have a funeral or a Home Going service at the appointed time? It matters.


  1. Gerhard Brink says:

    Thanks for sharing your dream. When i started serving the Lord I had such a reverence for God as a child. As i grew up i lived a double life in lies. I am 31 now and God delivered me drom drugs when i was 29 and pornography this year. I still struggle and need deliverance in many areas in my life. I need Jesus. I need Him with every thing in my life. It feels like i am on a repenting road, but its hard for me. I can’t change myself, but my life feels broken. I want all my selfish desires to die. I want Jesus’ love and presence to to dwell in me again as in the beginning. The only hope i hold on to now is that God gave me another chance to deliver me of some bondages along the road back to Christ. I need deliverance from other desires too. Like the desire for mastrebation. I don’t. My desire for drugs is dead, but i have short term memory problems.
    Please someone with faith pray for me.
    I trust God, but i’m still in need of healing and deliverance. Jesus help! Nothing else matters to me amy more than to know Jesus. I feel like i’m walking a lonely road, but trust God didn’t give me another chance for nothing. I know He has a purpose for me and don’t want to give up. I want hope. He will just hope and trust God will change me, cause i don’t feel like i’ve got much strength. The enemy has hurt me bad, but God will get the credit for my restoration. Please pray for me if you’re called to pray for me. Thank you for the encouragemet of the reality check not to give up. It is about eternity.

    • peacefulone says:

      Dearest Brother Gerhard, I thank God for you and your openness. I am thankful that you have found the Lord. The bible says if you have a tiny bot of faith you can do wonders. I have a lot of faith by staying in the word. The devil had me on the run and I ran into the safety of God’s arms. I reinforce my confidence by staying connected to the church, reading the bible and praying. If your confidence is ever low…that path will help you.

      I agree with you in prayer that God will change you because you want to be changed.If you WANT to be changed that is MOST of the battle. You can win. You are an overcomer. My prayer groups will keep you covered in prayer. Please write me and let me know about the steps you’ve taken to move closer to God. Blessings & Love E

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