What A Friend We Have In Jesus By Mahalia Jackson

Posted: December 28, 2007 in Cafe Sozo, Christian Music, Faith Music, Faith Song, Gospel Music, We All Know This Song, What A Friend We Have In Jesus by Mahalia Jackson



  1. Tom says:

    What a beautiful memorial to a great lady! I heard Mahalia Jackson when I was in high school in the early 60s when she toured to Santa Fe, NM. I was so out-of-tune with black-white relations (“That all happened somewhere else–not in Santa Fe”) that her concert didn’t have the impact on me it should have had. In the intervening years I have played back my mental video of that evening and relished her presence. Thanks again for your masterful tribute!

  2. peacefulone says:

    Bless you Brother Tom! You know, there is such a following for Sister Mahalia that I’m going to dig up more stuff! That was a God idea you gave me…A Tribute…great! Any more ideas…please write back. Also, are you a consultant? Smile Just asking that’s all.

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